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Spanish Fundamentals (2.0)

Practice your Spanish with your tutor! Did you (or your employer) purchase a 1-on-1 Spanish tutoring package to help you achieve your goal of communicating better in Spanish? If so, make sure to sign up for an hour practice session with a native-speaking Spanish tutor every 3-6 lessons. Vocabulary building is one thing – but …

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Spanish Grammar Reference Guide

Reference materials for: Basic Spanish Grammar – Alphabet, Pronunciation, Cognates, Definite and Indefinite Articles, Plural, Subject Pronouns, Adjectives and Gender Agreements Verb Tenses – Ser and Estar, Present Tense Verb Conjugation, Irregular Present Tense Verbs, Present Progressive, Present Perfect, Past Tense (Preterite and Imperfect), Future Tense, Reflexive Verbs, Gustar, Tener Expressions More Grammar – Prepositions, …

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