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spanish for food service

Spanish for Food Service

Key Vocabulary: Job Titles and People, Menu, Beverages and Condiments, Fruits and Vegetables, Meat and Seafood, China and Flatware, Service Station and Table Vocabulary, Cleaning Supplies

spanish for the workplace

Spanish for the Workplace

Key Vocabulary: Job Titles, Receptions, Basic Hiring, Job Application, Interview Questions, Supervisory Expressions, Job Expectations and Performance, Complaints & Warnings, Rules, Training, Safety Equipment, Schedules and Shifts, Payroll and Money Terms, Benefits, Verification and Pay

spanish for social services

Spanish for Social Services

Key Vocabulary: Receptions, People in General, People in Trouble, The Interview, Specific Questions, The Social Services Visit, Action Verbs, Agency Offerings, Personal Characteristics, Feelings, More Social Services Terms, Family

spanish for the medical front office

Spanish for the Medical Front Office

Key Vocabulary: Introduction, Receptions, Registration, Places, Insurance Terms and Vocabulary, Job Titles and People, Medical History, Specific Questions, Emergencies & Common Injuries, Parts of the Body, Internal Organs

spanish for manufacturing

Spanish for Manufacturing and Warehousing

Key Vocabulary: Job Titles, Factory Vocabulary, Warehousing Terms, Equipment, Supplies and Materials, Hardware, Actions and Commands, Clean-Up, Hazardous Materials, Forklift Parts, Forklift Phrases

spanish for law enforcement

Spanish for Law Enforcement

Key Vocabulary: Job Titles, Departments and Units, People in General, People in Trouble, Interview, Specific Questions, Phrases, Commands, More Commands, Traffic Laws, Traffic Problems, Weapons, The Raid, Plans

Spanish for Health Care

Key Vocabulary: Job Titles and People, Medical History, Specific Questions, Examination, Emergencies & Common Injuries, Actions and Commands, Pain, Parts of the Body, Internal Organs, Care, Prescriptions, Discharge

spanish for firefighters

Spanish for Firefighters

Key Vocabulary: Job Titles in Public Safety, People in General, Interviewing People, Firefighter Vocabulary and Phrases, Firefighter Questions, Fire and Life Safety Inspections, Water Emergencies

spanish for educators

Spanish for Educators

Key Vocabulary: Common Job Titles in Education, Receptions, Registration, Places in a School, Essential Phrases, Classroom Objects, Action Verbs, “Commands” Used in an Educational Setting, Behaviors, Study Skills, Courses, Expressions for Younger Students, School Rules

spanish for dentists

Spanish for Dentists and Dental Hygienists

Key Vocabulary: Medical History, Initial Contact and Questions, Dental Cleaning, Dental X-rays and Exam, Pain, Dental Assessment, Procedures and Treatment, Prescriptions, Patient Education and Discharge

spanish for construction

Spanish for Construction

Key Vocabulary: Job Titles in Construction, Construction Equipment, Supplies and Materials, Hardware, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Actions and Commands, Measurements and Fractions, Painting, Plumbing, Electrical, Clean-Up, Areas, Landscaping

spanish for banking

Spanish for Banking

Key Vocabulary: Common Banking Job Titles, General Banking Vocabulary, Banking Verbs, Opening an Account, the Application, Specific Application Questions, Cashing a Check, Depositing a Check, Withdrawals and Transfers, and Banking Problems.

learn basic spanish online

Spanish Fundamentals

Key Concepts Include: Introductory Topics: Pronunciation, Greetings, Conversation Phrases, Survival Words Foundational Vocabulary: Numbers, Colors, Directions, Places, Questions, Time, Months and Seasons, Days of the Week and Date, Family, Personal Characteristics, Likes and Dislikes, Clothing Basic Grammar: Gender, Pronouns, Present Tense Verbs

Conversemos 4

KEY CONCEPTS COVERED INCLUDE: Review of Conversemos 1-3 material New vocabulary is related to professions and studies, music and dance styles, animals, technology, money, household, asking for advice, clarifying expressions, slang, dating, health, and politics. New grammar includes an introduction to the preterite and imperfect tenses, reflexive verbs, and direct and indirect objects. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Continuing to improve listening, speaking, …

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