Conversemos 1


Conversemos 1 is an online Spanish eBook for a beginning level Spanish class with audio, flashcards, video presentations, practice suggestions, and online resources designed to provide additional at-home practice and reinforcement.

Quick Checkout

The Conversemos 1 online Spanish eBook has been designed specifically for the adult learner who has never formally studied Spanish or for those who have traveled or studied a bit, but struggle to form sentences or need a basic Spanish refresher. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop listening and comprehension skills
  • Be able to understand basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar
  • Be able to communicate greetings and basic ideas in Spanish

Level 1 Topics:

  • Intro topics: Where Spanish is spoken?, Alphabet, Pronunciation
  • Key Vocabulary: Greetings, Introductions, Colors, Numbers, Question Words, Family Relationships, Personal Characteristics, Parts of the Body, Telling Time, Foods
  • Basic Grammar: Gender, Pronouns, Present-Tense Verb Conjugation

eBook Includes:

  • Pronunciation Skills: Click and listen to the native pronunciation of all of the new vocabulary words.
  • Images: See (and hear!) the words represented in pictures.
  • Practice: Learn with digital flashcards to help you internalize the new vocabulary words.
  • Tips: Read grammar and language tips to help you build a stronger foundation in Spanish.
  • Flashcards: Choose the option to download and print out paper flashcards to take them wherever you go.
  • Homework: Practice some more! This is not graded homework, but rather ideas to practice alone or with friends.
  • Extra Resources: There are so many great (free!) resources on the web to learn Spanish. Each lesson, there are links to at least 3 sites to help take your Spanish to the next level.


  • Access: 6 month
  • Certificate of Completion: Available upon successful passing the Final Exam
  • Extra Resources: Links to the free Spanish-learning resources on the web to further your knowledge 
  • Mobile-friendly