Spanish for the Workplace


Spanish for the Workplace is an online Spanish conversation designed to bridge the communication gap between English and Spanish-speaking supervisors and co-workers, with vocabulary specifically for Human Resource professionals, supervisors, administrators, and office workers.

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Would you like to improve your communication with your Spanish-speaking co-workers and employees? Or maybe rely less on a Spanish interpreter? Spanish for the Workplace is an self-paced, online occupational Spanish vocabulary course that seeks to bridge the communication gap between English-speaking supervisors and Human Resource professionals with their Spanish-speaking co-workers and employees.

Spanish for the Workplace Topics

Job Titles, Receptions, Basic Hiring, Job Application, Interview Questions, Supervisory Expressions, Job Expectations and Performance, Complaints & Warnings, Rules, Training, Safety Equipment, Schedules and Shifts, Payroll and Money Terms, Benefits, Verification and Pay, 

Course includes:

  • Pronunciation Skills: Click and listen to the native pronunciation of all of the new vocabulary words.
  • Images: See (and hear!) the words represented in pictures.
  • Practice: Learn with digital flashcards to help you internalize the new vocabulary words.
  • Tips: Read grammar and language tips to help you build a stronger foundation in Spanish.
  • Flashcards: Choose the option to download and print out paper flashcards to take them wherever you go.
  • Homework: Practice some more! This is not graded homework, but rather ideas to practice alone or with friends.
  • Extra Resources: There are so many great (free!) resources on the web to learn Spanish. Each lesson, there are links to at least 3 sites to help take your Spanish to the next level.


    • Certificate of Completion: Available upon successful passing the Final Exam
    • Extra Resources: Links to the free Spanish-learning resources on the web to further your knowledge