Industry-Specific Online Courses

Learn Spanish for your job – at your own pace and on your own time – to give you the vocabulary you need.

What makes these courses different from other Spanish courses is that they focus on vocabulary tailored to specific workplace needs. The emphasis is on industry-specific conversational words and phrases so that you don’t have to be fluent to communicate with your Spanish-speaking co-workers and clients in a basic sense. A quick reference “Pronto Guide,” incorporated as a download in the course, includes the vocabulary in a concise and easy to manage 4-page format.

If you have never taken Spanish before, an optional Spanish Fundamentals course is also included to give you a foundation. For those who want to understand the “whys” of Spanish, each online Spanish class also provides an optional Spanish Grammar Guide that you can reference.

Click on one of the courses to see a more detailed description of which vocabulary topics are included for the various courses.

We also offer these same courses – but with a 1-on-1 tutor!