Meet the Spanish Tutors

We want you to be ecstatic about learning Spanish! 

To help ensure your satisfaction, you select your own Spanish tutor. These 8 fantastic women below have been hand-picked and have all taught Spanish online for each last 10 years.

Spanish tutor


“I enjoy teaching a wide range of students from children, adults to older individuals with varying levels of familiarity with Spanish. I tailor my teaching to the specific interests, skill level, and learning style of each student.” Continue reading…

Spanish tutor


“I teach in a simple way where the student can quickly apply what they have studied during our conversations. I use different books to support my lessons and I also use selected material from the internet to give homework to my students. I adapt my lessons to each of my students’ needs and interests.” Continue reading…
Spanith tutor


“I do an assessment of each student’s level and then develop a teaching plan, taking into account that each student has different needs and abilities. I design and implement a variety of learning activities that are appropriate for the communication development of students at the various levels of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.” Continue reading…
Spanish tutor


“My teaching style is based on aspects of grammar, phonetics and writing since I drew up a personalized plan focused on goals and needs of each student because everyone has different goals. I am very flexible!”
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Spanish tutor


“For the past 20 years I have been teaching Spanish to students at all levels and ages. My students have been medical professionals, business executives and university professors of theology and literature. I particularly enjoy tutoring using a multimedia approach with flashcards, figures, songs and video clips; all based on subjects tailored to the student’s interests and needs.” Continue reading…

Spanish tutor


“My teaching is flexible because each student is different. In Speak Shop our goal is to adapt to each student’s way of learning. I can tailor your lesson by having a conversation on social life, politics, culture, history, medicine, the environment or any topic you find interesting.” Continue reading…

Spanish tutor

Rosa Maria

“I listen and observe each student during our lessons to understand their learning style. After I have begun to know the student I then will make a recommendation for a program of study and use appropriate teaching tools.”  Continue reading…

Spanish tutor


“I love the experience of teaching the Spanish language online because I have known people around the world of different ages and with different purposes of learning the language.” Continue reading…